Sanya Carley

Sanya Carley
  • Presidential Distinguished Professor of Energy Policy and City Planning

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  • ENMG5070 - Effective Energy Policy

    This seminar will explore a collection of ideas influencing energy policy development in the U.S. and around the world. We will discuss all kinds of modern energy policy issues/debates, firmly grounding those discussions around fundamentals of public policy (e.g., market design, market failure, government failure, etc.). Example topics will include: The Inflation reduction act, infrastructure siting, fuel economy standards, and carbon border adjustments, amongst others.

  • ENMG5300 - Energy Justice

    Energy issues are among some of the most important and complex issues facing the modern world. Energy practices are related intimately to climate change, national security, air and water pollution, economic stability of nations, social inequality, and poverty. This seminar-style course takes an in-depth view at the issues surrounding energy, and both the policy approaches used across the world to address such issues and the justice and equity dimensions of energy systems. Of importance to the discussions in this course is not simply a consideration of which policies have been adopted and to what ends, but rather a comprehensive evaluation of the political environment in which policies are designed and implemented, the manner in which governments can redesign their approaches to energy, and how an energy justice approach has the potential to fundamentally redesign our energy systems. This year, we will also focus quite a bit on the intersections between energy inequalities and racial inequalities, with an objective to elucidate such intersections for the energy-curious public.

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