Maximilian Gaerth

Maximilian Gaerth
  • Postdoctoral Researcher

Contact Information

  • office Address:

    Marketing Department
    The Wharton School
    University of Pennsylvania
    3730 Walnut Street, JMHH 700
    Philadelphia, PA 19104


Past Courses

  • MKTG0003 - Art and Science of Influence

    Persuasion is part of the fabric of our everyday life. Governments, commercial entities, political leaders, corporations and institutions, social and public health groups, and even intimates engage in persuasive efforts. This course provides a comprehensive overview of influence techniques, emphasizing contemporary theories and ways to present your ideas in a persuasive way. Beginning with fundamentals of negotiations, the course progresses to explore the intricate relationships between attitudes and behaviors. The journey encompasses cognitive as well as emotional biases and will equip students with a toolbox of science-based persuasion techniques. In particular, students will learn some hands-on tactics in the domains of data visualization, communication of numbers, and persuasive writing. "The Art and Science of Influence" is not just a course, it is a transformative exploration of the mechanisms that shape our choices, beliefs, and actions in a world full of persuasive forces.

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